Professional Karaoke KTV microphone Channels : Dual channel Frequency range: UHF740-790MHz Frequency quantity: 200pcs T.H.D : <0.5% Frequency response : 60Hz-18KHz S/N. : 105 dB (1KHz—A) Transmitter option: handheld mic / headset mic / lapel mic

  • Model: SR-980D


1. AFS frequency automatic search function in dependently.

2. The frequency can by synchronized between receiver and transmitter via infrared.

3. LCD display shows status of frequency, AF and RF signal etc.

4. PLL synthesized technique and digital pilot technique.

5. Noise locked, Pilot Tone locked, and Squelch Control.

6. Provide different nature and clean sound.


Operating frequency:740-790MHz

Receiver mode: intermediate-frequency superheterodyne structure with twice conversions

The first intermediate frequency:110MHZ

The second intermediate frequency:10.7MHZ

Squelch limited:0-40dB

Spurious noise suppression: >80dB

Audio output : unbalance: +4Db(1.25V)/5KΩ;

                          balance: +10Db(2.5V)/600Ω

Power Supply:DC11-16V(rate12V)

Electricity: single receiver,<200Ma;double receiver, <350mA


Operating frequency:740-790MHz

Frequency adjusting: FM frequency

Available bandwidth: 25MHz per channel

Channel number:200

Frequency stability:±0.005%

Dynamic range: >110dB; peak frequency deviation: ±45KHz

Frequency response:60Hz-18KHz(±3db)

S/N ratio:>105dB

T.H.D distortion:<0.5%

Transmitted power:15mW

Aluminum alloy structure

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