Fulinda SR-SL2 (Automatic Feedback Suppressor)

Fulinda  SR-SL2  Automatic Feedback SuppressorTechnical Parameters:Input impedance: XLR&1/4 TRS balance , imbalance >10KΩMaximum input level: 10dBuOutput impedance: XLR&1/4 TRS ba

  • Model: SR-SL2

Fulinda  SR-SL2  Automatic Feedback Suppressor

Technical Parameters:

Input impedance: XLR&1/4 TRS balance , imbalance >10KΩ

Maximum input level: 10dBu

Output impedance: XLR&1/4 TRS balance , imbalance<100Ω

Maximum output level: 10dBu

Digital processing converter:24bitƩ-∆64/128 times over-sampling;sampling rate:48KHZ

Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz

THD+N: <0.003%

Dynamic range:95dB

Power supply:AC220V,50~60HZ


Net Weight:2.5KG

Gross Weight:2.9KG


1.Dual channel digital feedback technology.

2.Twelve filters of each channel .

3.Stereo or independence dual channel processing.

4.Input level testing instructions.

5.Per channel shows 12 filter.

6.Electronic balance input port and output port XLR & TRS.

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