Feafures:1.True diversity receiver which of dual channel independent inquiry system for Minimize off frequency.2.The frequency can be synchronized between receiver and transmitter via infrared. Noise

  • Model: TS-210


1.True diversity receiver which of one channel independent inquiry system for Minimize off frequency.

2.The frequency can be synchronized between receiver and transmitter via infrared. Noise technique, PLL synthesized technique and digital pilot technique.

3.LED display indicates the system volume, battery, channel of A/B switch, work frequency, receiving distance gear and the system locked key etc.

4.Display showed a red voltage alarm when the transmitter battery voltage low.

5.Automatically search for the cleanest channel.

6.There are 3 * 10 LEDs in the A/B channel which indicate RF signal strength of A/B channel, level signal strength and working state.

7.System adopts electronic volume control so that higher precision and put an end to the resistance of the potentiometer noise.

8.Adopt audio reference companding technique .Excellent dynamic response and excellent sound quality.

10.Receiving distance HI/MD/LOW can be adjusted.


1.Operating frequency: 740-790MHz

2.Adopt CPU control

3.With PLL combined technology

4.With 32/96 channels for free selection and LCD display

5.Audio output voltage control

6.Frequency response:50Hz-15KHz±3dB

7.Audio output convert: earphone or audio output

8.Up to 8 hours of continuous use with 2AA batteries

9.Noise locked and pilot tone locked

10.Electricity level control circuit & Audio frequency response expand & electricity level control circuit.


1.Operating frequency:740-790MHz  Adopt CPU control

2.With PLL combined technology

3. Audio/RF LED,  the battery voltage display infrared frequency

4.Frequency stability:±0.002

5.Cartridge gain adjusting:-20dB to + 35dB

6.With FM Max frequency adjusting:±45KHz

7.RF output: HIGH 15mW

8.High wave:<main wave 60dB

9.Zinc Aluminum alloy structure

10.Power supply:2*AA batteries, Standing.Time: about 20 hours


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