Wire conference is suitable for the meeting room, church, the school platform application , the microphone in a variety of applications can achieve reliable performance excellence. Quality of condenser microphones core components provides high sensitivity pickup effect, clear and bright. The mic with a display screen and LED red light make it more upscale. Both Phantom 48 v and built-in battery power supplied .

  • Model: ST-860D


1.Design for the KTV entertainment and durability tube structure.

2.Dual channel UHF wireless system with 100 optional frequencies.

3.LED display indicates the system volume, battery, channel of A/B switch, work frequency etc.

4.Digital pilot technique and effectively anti-interfere noise.

5. Using the latest infrared automatic frequency (IR) technology

6.Two microphone can be used interchangeably, strong commonality, full metal tube, solid, anti-throw and wear-resisting.


1.Operating frequency:710-770MHz

2.Channel number:200

3.Channel Spacing:300KHZ

4. Frequency stability:±0.005%

5. dynamic range:100db

6.With FM Max frequency adjusting:±45KHz

7.Frequency response:40Hz-18KHz(±2db)

8.S/N ratio:>105dB

9.T.H.D distortion:<0.5%


1.Medium frequency :110MHZ.10.7MHZ


3.Sensitivity:12dBuV(80db S/N)

4.Sensitivity adjusting Range:12-32dBuV

5.Spurious noise suppression: ≥75dB

6.Maximum Output Level: +10dbv

7.Power supply mode: Input DC 12 v, 400 mA


1.Output power: HIGH 30mW / LOW 3Mw

2.udio frequency response:40 to 18000Hz(+1 dB, -3 dB)

3.spurious noise suppression: -60dB

4.Power supply:2*AA alkaline batteries 1.5V and be used 20 hours continuously

5.Zinc Aluminum alloy structure



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