Fulinda SR-FD266 (High Frequency Antenna Amplifier)

Fuinda  SR-FD266 Antenna Amplifier & Signal DistributorFeatures:1/ Design for 160MHZ wide band, support the true diversity receiver.2/ Support directional antenna.3/ UHF frequency band w

  • Model: SR-FD266

Fulinda  SR-FD266 Antenna Amplifier & Signal Distributor


1.Design for 160MHZ wide band, support the true diversity receiver.

2.Support directional antenna.

3.UHF frequency band which from 700 to 860MHZ.

4.Distribute more than one wireless receiver.

Using Installation Techniques:

1.Using alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries instead of carbon batteries.

2.At least 10 meters distance from receiver to transmitter.

3.Stay away from any instrument which produce RF interference.

4.Do not store the microphone in a place with high temperature or humidity.

5.Placed on the height which at least 1.6 meters distance the ground.

6.Avoid holding the bottom of the transmitter.

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