F118 power sequencer

Feature :Full color screen shows working statusCan be set password bootCOM central control (command control) or with software control The turn on time interval of each channel can be adjusted ,Mu

  • Model: F108

Feature :

Full color screen shows working status
Can be set password boot
COM central control (command control) or with software control 
The turn on time interval of each channel can be adjusted ,Multiple machines can be used at the same time

Specification :

Power input conditions (single-phase 3-wire) :AC90-260V 50-60HZ Dual-phase (3-wire : Null wire ,Fire wire ,Ground wire)
Channels : 8 channels Universal socket relay controlled
Relay controlled output maximum withstand single power/total power (reactive power) :2000W/6000W
Output power socket Spec :Flame retardant ABS material, can withstand up to 13A current phosphor copper material, standard universal socket
Output relay contact current :30A 277VAC
Circuit board specification: double-sided fiberboard, main power supply line twice thickening treatment
Power supply specification: built-in switching power supply, applicable to global voltage ac90-260v 50-60hz
Main cable specification: 3*4 m2 cable, total length 1.5m (standard power plug)
External control switch interface: RS232 COM interface central control
Control software and support central control function and ID quantity allocation: with the instruction code and control software, support central control

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